The 4 Critical Characteristics to Look for in a Web Designer

Different businesses need a website according to their requirements. When a business owner finally decides that he needs a web presence there are few issues that he should think about before selecting a web designer. These are obviously directly related to the skills he posses and that makes him a great designer. Let me discuss with you 4 of these issues that you should also keep in mind while looking for a designer.

1.      Choosing the Right Person for the Job

You need to browse the portfolio first of all to check what the person you are about to hire as a web designer has delivered in the past. This is important as you don’t want to end up with a designer now experienced enough or not having a diversified portfolio. You should check the all the options before finally selecting the right person for the job.

2.      A Customized Work

For only a handful of companies a predefined template can work. Most of the times, a customized work is what is required from any firm looking for a designer to take care of their online portal. While templates are way much cheaper than the customized work, it is not suitable at all if you are launching a new product and your company is not that well known in the market. You need a designer crafting your website in a unique way according to your preferences.

3.      Clear Communication with the Designer

You need be in constant touch with your designer throughout the designing process of your website. As the revisions and changes take too much time to complete, a clear communication with the designer right from the start of the designing process can yield better results for the parties and can save a lot of time for both of them. That’s why it is vital to get in touch with the designer.

4.      The Design Itself

You need to direct the designer concerning the layout and theme of the website at the initial stage so that the design of the website is uniform throughout the process. Any changes midway through the process can be distracting for the designer and can make the process lengthy and confusing. So choose if you need a vibrant or simple design and just go for it.


The 4 Top Features that Make a Logo Designer Worth the Hiring

The task of a logo designer can be varied and it depends upon what the clients’ requirement is. Primarily, a designer’s job is to create a logo which is exactly according to the needs of the clients and portray the product or service it is based on in the best light. There are aspects that dictate the way a designer should work in order to provide a perfect logo each time. Let me discuss 4 of them here which I think are the most important ones.

1.      Glorifying the Product

A logo should work in the favor of the company which has asked for it and make the product standout in the crowd. There are enough reasons why a product needs such glorification because in this age and time everyone needs an image which can make any product breakout in the market. A stylish and unique logo fits the bill perfectly.

2.      Designed from the Scratch

Any company needs logo in the quickest time possible so that it can apply that on their website and other promotional material like billboards and brochures. But no one needs a hurried job which can be termed as copying previously designed logos and giving them a touch to make them look new. A logo designed from the scratch is what makes it worth it to hire a designer for getting a logo.

3.      Unlimited Revisions

Not everyone is impresses by a logo which a designer may think is out of this world. So he should be ready for making amendments or revisions in the design. Many top designing websites offer unlimited revisions to their customers until they are completely satisfied with the design and think of it as the ultimate one portraying their product in the perfect way. So a designer should be ready all the time concerning the revision part.

4.      Competitive Price

The pricing of the logo is another sensitive aspect which many people think of it as the most critical one. The low or cheap price doesn’t mean that the service will be ordinary or a hefty price means the logo will be extraordinary in design. The price should be competitive with offering the customer a discount in case of more services like stationery and brochure design.


3 Vital and Must Have Aspects for Ecommerce Website Design

The eCommerce business is now a routine thing as most businesses have an online presence and conduct business through their website. To make business with the rest of the world, there is no better way than to have a portal showcasing your products or services to your potential clients. The eCommerce website design thus is of prime importance as it can attract people in hordes for any product. Let me describe 3 aspects which are important for an eCommerce website related to designing.

1.      A Pleasant Experience for the User

Ecommerce websites are built primarily to facilitate potential clients and make their experience of shopping or doing business pleasant and easy. So the design should help them in these aspects. There is no need to use flashy graphics and animation to lure the visitors as you are not running a kids or entertainment website. Simple design easy on the eyes will do and offering assistance in getting to their desired page easily. Your eCommerce website design should complement this aspect for better user experience.

2.      Information about the Company and Product

The information needed by the visitor of the website should be displayed for easy viewing and links for all the pages should be available prominently on the home page. The related information can be a big factor in keeping the visitors on the website which can turn them into your future clients. The design of these pages play a crucial role in making sure the content is easily readable and doesn’t make any hindrance in people getting the information.

3.      Number of Inner Pages and Related Design

Normally, there is no limit to the number of inner pages as you can include a large number of pages to introduce all of your products or maximum information about them. Big companies like Amazon and EBay have hundreds of thousands of pages and the number keep on increasing. But small and medium sized companies should keep a check on the number of sub pages and try to give maximum information in them.

The reason  for above mentioned suggestion is simple; no one wants to browse through hundreds of thousands of pages to get the information they need. Thus you need to design for this aspect aptly.


The Top 3 Factors why a Firm would Like to Hire a Logo Design Company

Very few people realize the true value of a logo and that’s the reason not many put emphasis on getting one. A logo is like an introduction to your company to anyone looking at your advertisement, brochure or website. A good looking logo speaks volume about the product it is representing and raises the interest in it. Most of the huge multinationals and conglomerates have stunning and mesmerizing logos and that’s not a coincidence. A logo design company is responsible for thinking out of the box and creating designs that leave everyone in awe.

A design service offers its services to anyone who wants to get good logos. But what are their main sell points so that they can have a number of clients lining up for the logos. In this blog, now I will try to list 3 of them which are according to me the top draws for a logo design company.

1.      Attractive and Unique Logo

Every company needs a logo which is designed in a unique way and describes their product to the fullest. That’s where the skills of the designers of a company come into place. A logo which speaks more than words and is a work of art can reflect the philosophy behind the company and its flagship product and that’s the first sell point of design companies.

2.      A Simple yet Powerful Logo

The logo can be really effective if it is able to get the message across what the company thinks about its products and services. A powerful logo is one which makes the task of marketing any product easy by saying things about the product which can be described in many sentences. That’s where proficient designers can make their service proud by crafting peerless logos acting as a huge draw for companies to use their services.

3.      A Positive Logo

Many logos can have a negative impact on people belonging to different regions, religion, race, etc. There are examples where a logo draws criticism from a section of the target audience of a product and that can prove fatal for a new company or a recently launched product. Creating a logo that oozes positive feeling is not a child’s play and that’s why such skill is highly appreciated by the clients.